Skate Blades and More

repairs landingrepairs landingEdges is not just a shop to get your skate sharpened. We also provide replacement parts and repair services.


Bauer Pulse - $119.99

Bauer Pulse Ti (Black) - $189.99

Bauer Light Speed - $109.99

Step Steel CCM 4.0 - $109.99

Step Steel XS (CCM) - $109.99

Step Steel Ultra (Graf) - $109.99

Goalie Steel (CCM/Bauer) - $119.99

*All prices include sharpening and installation.*

Blade contouring/profiling - $50.00

Replacement Parts:

  • Replacement Skate Rivets: $3.00 each
  • Replacement Skate Coppers: $5.00 each
  • Replacement Skate Eyelets: $5.00 each

For any further questions regarding your replacement part or repair options please call or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.