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Edges is Milton’s only specialty skate service shop. Owner Kyle Hicks has over a decade of experience working on skates and blades and has a true passion for helping skaters of all ages and levels perform their best on the ice.

With this experience Kyle knows the right combination of tools, machinery and technique to provide a unique and superior sharpening that you won’t find anywhere else. Being a lifelong hockey player himself, he knows that a good sharpening can make all the difference in the confidence a skater has on the ice. You will notice a strong, keen edge and maximum glide after getting your skates sharpened at Edges.

It was always a dream of Kyle’s to run his own skate sharpening shop. A shop where players can not only get the best skate sharpening, but can also stock up on hockey essentials like laces, tape, wax and more. Kyle is excited to grow with Milton’s strong hockey community for years to come.

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