Blade Contouring

The Theory

Contour markup

Contouring (also commonly referred to as profiling) is the process of shaping skate blades to maximize turning ability, skating posture and overall balance. The system used at Edges is not the same process as generic profile systems that merely address blade inconsistencies caused by mass production. 

The unique blade contouring process at Edges modifies three areas of your skate blades to make skating more efficient for all players, at any age and any level. Blade contouring promotes ideal stride length, skating posture and overall balance. 

Stride Length:
A correct blade radius for your skill set, playing style and position will allow you to stay better balanced, turn with precision and stability, and pivot fluidly for more seamless strides.

Blade Pitch/Lie:
An appropriate blade pitch/lie will put you in the ideal skating position at all times - knees bent, body weight slightly forward, arms drawn in front of you. This is important for backward and forward skating for both defensemen and forwards. 

Balance/Contact Point:
An accurately determined balance point allows you to reach the toe area of your blades for quicker acceleration and pivots. It also promotes overall balance while turning and battling for the puck.

Common signs you would benefit from contouring:

  • Short strides
  • Tendency to fall backwards
  • Leaning too far forward/hunching
  • Poor balance
  • Difficulty stopping precisely
  • Instability while turning
  • Inadequate knee bend

Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: If blade contouring is so beneficial, why don't blades come contoured out-of-the-box? 

Answer: There are several different ways to contour a blade. Each player needs a specific radius, pitch/lie and balance point suited to their skating ability, position and skate type. Skate manufacturers select a generic profile as it is more cost-effective and efficient for mass production.


Question: Will blade contouring really make a difference for my son or daughter? They are young and I've heard blade contouring is for older, highly skilled players.

Answer: Simply put, blade contouring is beneficial for all players at any level and age. In fact, over the years of gathering feedback from players, coaches and parents, the more drastic results are noticeable in younger players as they are working on establishing proper skating technique and balance. 


Question: How long does it take to get used to skating on contoured blades?

Answer: The adjustment period is typically very short. Most players get used to the positive change in a matter of minutes, while some players take a full practice. If you want an adjustment to the contour, we're here to help and work with you. With your feedback a simple adjustment can be made.


Question: How do you contour the blades? I see there are automated machines and other systems out there that claim to be the best method.

Answer:  Blade contouring is done by using a custom made boot layout gauge to determine accurate measuring points, a series of machined radius bars to achieved the desired radius (length of contact), and a specifically designed skate holder to adjust the pitch/lie of the blades. There's no secret magic, if you would like to see exactly how we contour your blades, just ask and we will show you the process from start-to-finish!


Question: Why does the blade contouring process at Edges take longer than most? I can get my blades profiled in 20 minutes somewhere else.

Answer: Our system takes longer because it involves measuring the blades from several different reference points, and aims to diligently match the blades precisely. The most time consuming aspect about this process, however, is the time involved to ensure the blades stay cool. It is critical to ensure the blades stay cool throughout the process for a strong, long lasting edge. If blades are overheated in any way, the edge will not hold long enough, or worse, the blades can warp. The cooling process must also be done naturally as cold water or cooling agents can compromise the integrity of the steel.

Next Steps:

To select the most appropriate blade shape we require the player's age, height, weight, level of play and position played. We would also like to know if the skater is experiencing difficulty stopping, achieving balance or posture issues such leaning too far forward or skating too upright. Gathering this information takes less than five minutes and allows us to accurately select the most beneficial radius setting, blade pitch (if required) and where we need to locate the three balance points of your contour/profile.  

Leave your skates with us. Depending on the time of season and work schedule, we typically need the skates for 1-2 days. Booking an appointment for same-day pickup is also available. Please call the shop at 905-878-9585 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a spot.

Estimated Turnaround Time: 1-2 days

Contouring - $50.00 + HST