Skate Sharpening

The Difference


Highly skilled hockey players need soft hands - the same goes for skate sharpeners. When you bring your skates into Edges, watch closely how we sharpen them. We take smooth, slow and careful passes, making sure we don’t take too much steel off your blades. Our sharpening wheels, honing stones, finishing applications and leveling tools are higher than industry standards. After an Edges sharpening you will leave feeling confident that your edges are perfectly sharpened so you can focus on your performance.

The Details

Not every player feels the ice the same way, and we don’t believe every player or figure skater should have their skates sharpened the same way either. Communication is key between the sharpener and the skater. We encourage our customers to let us know how they want their edges to feel on the ice. If you aren’t sure where to start, just ask us. Our years of experience allow us to make an accurate suggestion on a good starting point for you.

Hockey and Rec Figure Skate Sharpening - $8.00 INCLUDING HST (10th SHARPENING FREE)

Competitive Figure Skate Sharpening - $15.00 INCLUDING HST